What equipment do you actually need for heli-ski?
First and foremost it is functional and high quality clothing. It is necessary to cope with the huge differences in temperature caused by extreme altitudes and the heated helicopter cabin. It is recommended to have light, not too warm clothes which let the sweat out and keep you dry. The best option is to combine several layers. The best materials for the top layer are soft-shell fabrics or thin waterproof and wind-break membranes. Under these there should be a layer of fleece, either normal or stretch. The basic layer should consist of high-quality underwear – e.g. wool which is increasingly popular recently. We will gladly help you with the choice of clothing and give you valuable advice.

Another crucial piece of equipment are the skis or the snowboard. Both differ substantially from the typical ones used on ski slopes. Most notably the width of the skis is different. Ideally they should be at least 105/110 mm wide under the boots. Naturally, the skis are softer and have a different shape. And because not everyone wants to buy a new pair of skis for a single trip or does not believe it is necessary, we are preparing a ski livery/rental in which you will be able to rent the most recent equipment from 4FRONT and FORUM companies. Not only can you rent the skis and the snowboards made by these companies (both for heli-ski trip and for a nice weekend in the Alps), but you can also buy them for a reasonable price.

The last crucial piece of equipment are the things concerning your safety. There are both compulsory items without which you can not even get in the helicopter and recommended items. Among the compulsory there are an avalanche beeper/beacon, a probe and a shovel. Among the recommended are a helmet, a spine protector and an avalanche airbag system.

Every heli-ski participant needs to have a beeper (an avalanche tracking device). We will gladly help you to choose such a device. We will explain the differences, present the most recent models and, most importantly, we will show you how to operate it so you can help a friend in need.

Even though a helmet is not compulsory, everyone should wear it while going downhill because there can be sharp rocks hidden under the powder snow. A possible fall on the unprotected head in a high speed can be extremely dangerous. Even though an avalanche airbag is often seen as an unnecessary extra in the avalanche protection, the tests have revealed that almost 100% of people equipped with it stayed on top of a powder-snow avalanche and weren’t "sucked in“. That is why we have gradually started using these too. Avalanche airbags, as well as other pieces of the safety equipment (beeper, probe, shovel), can be rented in our ski livery/rental.

And well... you also need to be a skilled skier, a good pal and adventurous enough to try out this new dimension of skiing.

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