As the name “HELISKI" suggests, it combines two words: heli (helicopter) and ski. Therefore, it is skiing with help of a helicopter. The helicopter is necessary for moving the skier upwards. It replaces more traditional ways such as ski lifts or cable cabins. It is because heli-ski is only possible out of ski slopes in the open landscape and, better still, in the immense drifts of powder snow which is rather rare and short lasting near ski lifts and cables. That is why there is the chopper which gets the skiers, nice and easy, to places which are hardly accessible or completely inaccessible on foot; to vast virgin planes, steep ravines and gorges filled with pure, intact and sparkling white beauty.

There are not many places suitable for heli-ski in the world. The most notoriously known locations are in Canada, Alaska, New Zeeland and in the former Soviet Union. These can be found in the Caucasus mountain range, central Asia and Kamchatka.

The most important factor is naturally the snow, its quantity and first and foremost its quality. This depends on the temperatures and humidity. And than also the weather; it needs to be as stable as possible with a large number of sunny days to allow the helicopter to fly safely. Last but not least, it is necessary to have the helicopter itself. These are the most important variables in the heli-ski "equation". It is also another reason the places suitable for skiing with a chopper are so few and far between.

Our company has been focusing on the Central Asia and the Caucasus area for many years now, and not only because of heli-ski. Originally we were going there to climb and skialp. We have gradually widened our scope and started doing heli-ski. At first it was Uzbekistan, than Kyrgyzstan and Georgia and finally also Kamchatka. We have been organizing heli-ski in all these places and it is hard to say which one is the best. On our website we would like to show you some photos and videos to make you feel the intense atmosphere of such skiing and snowboarding. We would also like to provide you with basic and crucial pieces of information about our heli-ski. Last but not least we would like to inform you about the dates and places we are going to organize heli-ski in during the next season.

We wish you loads of wonderful skiing adventures both with us in the powder snow of the Caucasus or the Tian Chan mountains or on and off ski slopes anywhere else.

Milan a Martin

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